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International Fine Art and Fashion Photographer, Arline Malakian is passionate about creating distinctive images that convey inner beauty celebrated in female sensibility.

Malakian says her photographs are about transcendence and the power to make connections.

Her art is a question defying limitations of time; her vision of beauty and design, an invitation to explore beyond the temporal veneer of the obseved.

Her ideology stretches in poetry and mastery of photographic technique to encompass the deepest sense of integrity at every level.

My personal approach to image making is the rendering of an incessant duality through a dance of the female. Light is my inspiration and the structure of my photographs.

Art fuels my quest for the unseen mystery. Poetry is my visual language. While Fashion has always been my ally in branding time and mood, I find myself in the process of creating art for art sake guided through dreams and the unspoken connection with the observed ..."

arline malakian

Art exhibitions 

Goddesses, a photography exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario (1999) reminiscent of oil painting portraiture.

Non Vital photography exhibit in Paris (2001).

Undying Spirit, a photographic chronicle of Armenia over more than two years exhibited in Yerevan, Armenia (2004).

The Gaze, a body of 24 tableaus, resurfacing dreams captured in prints with no post manipulations, crowning her twenty-year career in photography. It was inaugurated with a live eclectic music performance at Gallery 133 (2007) and exhibited at The Spoke Club (2008) and Spacio Del Arte (2010).

Impressions, a body of 16 deconstructed to abstraction photographs in a style unique to the artist     (2012 Neubacher-Shor Gallery).

Les Dames de Jeux takes on a more playful note playing on the duality of game and symbolism (2013 – Articsok gallery).

A retrospective of Malakian's work featured at the Mirari Studio in the Canadian Museum of Civilization (February 9th, 2014).

Arline Malakian Photography  |  +1 416 825 3908  |

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