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THE GAZE | 2007/08


It is only in the gaze of the onlookers that THE GAZE itself has meaning.


Observing the observer in us through the observed implies the interaction, the crossing of the gazes that in turn engages the crossing of bodies and spirit.


In sharing the recorded chance encounters with each of the subjects portrayed, this art photography series, entitled THE GAZE, elicits in the observer, life-defining and revealing thoughts, feelings, and dreams.


The world and others are merely a perception tinted by experiences and projections. The only reality is in the connection. The answers to all our questions lie within our gaze.


Embedded in the photographic prints is the idea that nothing was born from the logical or the practical. What we see is all instinct, intuition in the moment of rendering the connection. A mysterious colliding of worlds.


The 24 tableaux that comprise THE GAZE, while captured digitally are not subjected to any additional manipulation.


THE GAZE created itself daily over the course of a year; props, lighting, subjects, locations and settings appearing as if by magic, from nowhere and everywhere.


The pursuit of the truth, the dream, and the dreamt blurred haunt THE GAZE... In the quest of the timeless, the old world revealed itself.

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