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BODY TALK art series| 2021


This photo-art essay is an adage of liberation, stripping away all artificial constraints fuelled by a mutual love of photography. It is a poetic leap in the midst of a lockdown and a tour de force during a chaotic studio move at a time of change, suspension and confinement.

[...] A titillating exploration of reflected impressions refracted back on to the players performing their naked bond.

Burrowing a prance, shaped by silhouettes, light, movement and colourless contrast, born from the emotional and a visual dialogue, in makeshift set-ups at the corners of a messy studio to be vacated, the raw swayed like remnants of chalk drawings on an intuitive half wiped blackboard.

[...] The abstract merged with form, processing the unspoken formless.

This art series of female bodies is a very personal expression in a time of uncertainty frozen by Covid.

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